General information


ariadne® sloops distinguish themselves from copyers by a.o.:

The polyester hulls are not sprayed, but carefully laminated by hand into the mold.

Manually laminating is more labour consuming but more accurate.

Each fiber reinforcing screed is manually added and carefully glued in the former layer.

Such layer after layer is been composed to a homogeneous mass.

With this production method osmosis is nearly impossible.


An ariadne® sloop is born.

A meticulous mold and the best choice of materials : a quality- and beautifull sloop.


ariadne® sloops manufactured under Dutch supervision while the materials and accessories are worldwide imported and from the best choice of manufacturers from a.o. the USA, Australian, Germany and The Netherlands.

The production hall is conditioned to the correct humidity and temperature.

For the technical accessories is chosen for import from the best manufactures around the world.

No concession is done to quality.

For example the choice of engine is Craftsman, a modified Mitsubishi diesel engine, of which the quality is second to none and known all over the world.

This Mitsubishi engine has been marinized. This means a special naval cooling system and reversing clutch has been added.

Boot Holland 2012 exhibition, Leeuwarden

Boot Holland 2012 exhibition, Leeuwarden.