ariadne® 580 sloop with diesel engine

Total length: 
5.80 m.
Length waterlevel: 
5.31 m.
1.91 m.
0.30 m.
800 kg
Toegestaan aantal personen: 
6 + bagage = 500 kg
Sundeck in between front seats. Colour at choice.

ariadne® 580 has been executed with a nozzle around the propeller ( see detail picture )
This gives an number of advantages.
Propulsion without a nozzle will got lost for a part because the thrust will run out sidewards.
Well-known is the phenomenon of the sidewards thrust which makes the rear of the ship sheer away.
This is compensated by the rudder. The skipper who is not aware of this side thrust, compensates
unaware of this side-thrust by heading the boat on the correct coarse.
Loss of energy and backwards thrust which causes that the boat makes less speed than expected by the engine capacity.
By mounting a nozzle around the propeller the thrust will not have the opportunity to break away
sidewards. All thrust is canalized backwards. Thus also no energy lost by compensate with the rudder.
As to make most advantage of the nozzles around the propellors these boats are executed with the special Kaplan propellor.

All ariadne® sloops come, in standard execution already, with a counter- or balance rudder.

Combined with the propellor nozzle gives this a very fine- and direct steering control result of the rudder.

Standard accessories

  • Craftsman diesel engine (modified Mitsubishi) 2 cyl. 4-stroke 16 hp x 3600 rpm.
  • propellor nozzle
  • bow thruster nozzle
  • console steering
  • stainless steel wheel
  • anti fauling
  • noise isolated engine room
  • stainless steel bow fender
  • rubber rubbing strake
  • teak flooring
  • teak floor treatment
  • cushions, seat profile
  • floor lightning
  • navigation lights
  • bilge pump with float switch
  • 2nd battery socket 12 V
  • locks on hatches
  • fire extinguisher
  • 2 pvc fenders
  • boat cover
  • kitbag for boat cover


  • bow thruster
  • messenger or fender
  • spray hood
  • Bimini sun screen
  • hooter
  • trolley