Type CM4.42 (4 cylinder, 42 hp)

Craftsman choosed for he propulsion of your boat for Mitsubishi engines because they are developed for power, reliability and fuel efficiency.

A reliable marine diesel engine is the heart of your boat, with it’s strong and steady beat.

Just for the sake of their quality these engines are frequenly choosen for heavy duty purposes as hoisting equipment, farming machines and professional shipping.

Craftsman Marine engines are quiet and damped vibratory.

They comply with all emission restriction as from the European Issue for Pleasure Shipping.

But just an engine is nearly enough to move that boat or your forward.

For that reason Craftsman Marine is not only supplier of top quality marine diesel engines, but also of all other propulsion components, such as propellor shafts and propellor tos uit your boat, the exhaust system and so on.

All these components are perfectly matching, so that no costly and time consuming finishing processing will be required.


All components are designed and developed with greatest care. They are the three pillars that support the development phase: reliability, safety and low costs maintenance.

Extensive range

Proudly we supplyy all propulsion components, which are machined and constructed with state-of-the-art techniques.

Top class marine diesel engines, with their up to date marinization.

Flexible couplings.

Low-friction propellor shaft assemblies.

Water-injected exhaust systems.